Geographical Distribution and Soil Characteristics of Elaeagnus Plants in Korea

한국산 보리수나무속 식물의 분포 및 생육지 토양 특성

  • Published : 1994.04.01


The geographical distribution and soil characteristics of Korean Elaeagnus plants were investigated by literatures, field survey and soil analysis. Deciduous E. umbellata was distributed throughout the Korean peninsula including western and southern islands. Distribution area of evergreen Elaeagnus plants was classified into three groups; E. macrophylla and E. glabra belonged to group l occurring in the southern, western and eastern islands; E. submacrophylla to group 2 occurring in the southern and western islands; E. maritima and E. ankaii to group 3 in the southern islands only. Deciduous E. umbellata appeared euryeciously from poor soil to rich one, whereas evergreen Elaegnus plants appeared stenoeciously in haline soil near coast.