Effect of Fibre Blend Ratios and Twists on the Bending Behavior of 2 Folded Staple Yarns (II)-Bending Properties of Folded Yarns-

섬유의 혼합율과 꼬임 구조가 2합 방직사의 굽힘 특성에 미치는 영향(II)-합사의 굽힘 특성-

  • Published : 1993.07.01


The bending propertied of the 2 folded yams such as the bending rigidity, the coercive couple, the hysteresis energy and the residual curvature with various wool/polyester blend ratios and with variations of the single and 2-folded yarns twists were stylied for analyzing twist characteristics, inter and intra frictional effects. The value of the experimental specific bending rigidity of two folded staple yarns were in the range of 1.2 and 2.5 times of the estimated values, and the experimental specific bending rigidities of 2 folded yarns divided by the power of 1.2 of its linear density were almost same as the experimental specific bending rigidities of single yarns. The experimental specific bending rigidities of the 2 folded staple yarns were found to show the maximum values in the range of the same twist between the single and 2 folded yarns with increasing 2 folded yarn twist with fixed single yarn twist. The values of the coercive couple, the residual curvature and the hysteresis energy of the 2 folded staple yarns showed almost sane tendency as that of the specific bending rigidity. Maximum bending rigidity to wool/polyester blend composition was shown around the range of same blend composition, and maximum bending recovery was also shown in this range, then coercive couple and hysteresis energy were increased with polyester colnposition.