Biodeterioration of Cultural Property and Fumigation

문화재의 생물열화 방제-훈증처리를 중심으로

  • Published : 1992.12.15


A great numbers of cultural properties destroyed though attack by insect pests and microorganisms. Biodeterioration damage is particularly serious in this country because many cultural propertiese are made of organic materials. Recently, there are various countermeasures of biodeterioration or alternative methods are reported, such as Gamma Radiation, Micro-wave Irridation, Freezing, Inert Atmosphere (Oxygen-less atmosphere), and Environmental Control. However its practical application are limited and some difficulties for treatment of large objects. Fumigation is one of the most useful and effective methods of control biodeterioration because it gives less damage of cultural properties but rapidly eradicate infesting organisms at one action. This paper evaluated selected fumigants and fumigation methods with emphasis on the following paragraph:1) Effectiveness of selected fumigants on insects and microbes involved inbiodeterioration.2) Physical and chemical characters of selected fumigants.3) Less toxic new alternative fumigant and its mixtures.4) Inert atmosphere (Oxygen-less atmosphere)5) Methods of fumigation : Sealed fumigation, Covered fumigation and Vacuum fumigation (Reduced-pressure fumigation)