A Comparative Study of Stress Level of Therapeutic Education Teachers According to Their Responsibilities in Special School Setting

장애영역별 특수학교 요육실기교사의 스트레스 비교 연구

  • Published : 1992.08.01


The purpose of this survey is to grasp the special school therapeutic education teachers, stress degrees in the real educational fields, and to campare the different stress degrees by the teaching responsibilities, by set by age, by the careers of special teaching profession, by his or her assiduity by the academic careers and teacher qualification, and by the reasons of stress. To perform this survey, the writer analyzed the answer sheets of the questionnairs returned by 85 special school therapeutic education teachers all over the country. The results of the analysis are as follows: First, the mean value of stress by the whole teachers was shown as endurable, and there was no difference among stress towels by the teaching responsibilities. As for the ratio of teachers confronted with the dangerous level of stress. the teachers taking charge of feebleminded school teachers the highest ratio, and those charging of deaf & dumb school teachers, the lowest. Second, the comparison by age didn't result in any difference, but in the relation of age to the handicap division there appeared meaningful differences. That is in the case of the therapeutic education theachers charging of crippled school, it revealed that the older they were, the more stress they suffered. In the case of the teachers charging of visually deaf & dumb school the tendency was opposite. The comparison by the special teaching profession careers, there showed no difference in the stress degree. The high or low academic careers didn't make any influence on the therapeutic education teachers stress degree. Third, The revealed on the highest stress degress, because reasons of relation the student's parents with students behavior.