Variation of Thermal Contact Resistance for a Corroded Plane Interface of Metals

금속의 평면 접촉면에서 표면부식에 의한 열접촉 저항의 변화

  • Published : 1991.09.01


The corrosion effects on thermal contact resistance were experimentally studied for a given contact interface of a couple of metals. 2 cylindrically shaped test pieces, the one was carbon steel whose surface was machined by lathe and the other was stainless steel, ground, were come into contact under pressure, and then submerged to $HNO_3$ gas environment. While the corrosion process was going on, the thermal contact resistance was measured with time. The experiment was performed for 2 cases; 1) Highly compress the test pieces and then bring them to $HNO_3$ gas environment. 2) Anteriorly corrode the interface under low contact pressure and then increase the contact pressure. The results were as follows; In 1st. case of experiment, the thermal contact resistance seemed to be very stable, and showed low values with a tendancy of small decrease with time. But in 2nd. case the resistance was unstable and jumped to a value of 200-250% more then that expected for uncontaminated interface. More over it demonstrated some increase with time.