Fire Resistance Test of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

강섬유보강콘크리트의 내화성에 관한일실험

  • Published : 1987.10.01


In this study, fire resistance of steel fiber reinforced concrete was investigated Cylindrical and prismatic specimens made of Ordinary Portland Cement plain concrete and steel fiber reinforced concrete were exposed to heating in accordance with a standard time-temperature curve as specified in KS·F22 57, method of fire resistance test for structural parts of buildings, the period of heating was 1 hour and 2 hours. After the fire resistance test, mechanical properties of specimens such as compressive and bending strength, stress-strain curve, static and dynamic modulus of elasticity and bending toughness were investigated. Also the cracks and spallings of the specimens were observed. From the test results, it was confirmed that steel fiber reinforced concrete has a excellent fire resistance than plain concrete in the view of higher residual strength of concrete and smaller crackings because of steel fibers in concrete.