Influence of Magnesium and Calcium on the Serum Cholesterol Level Lowering (II)

마그네슘 및 칼슘이 혈청콜레스테롤 농도 저하에 미치는 영향(II)

  • Nam, Hyun-Keun (Dept. of Food and Nutrition, Gwang Ju Health Junior College)
  • 남현근 (광주보건전문대학 영양식품학과)
  • Published : 1985.11.30


The effects of dietary magnesium, calcium on the serum cholesterol concentration in rabbit was studied for a period of 21 days using isocalorids and isonitrogenous basal diet. It is investigated that the serum cholesterol level lowering by feeding with calcium, magnesium, sesame oil and perilla oil, did not appeared but perilla oil and magnesium feeding group appeared a little bit lowering. There was no effect for the total protein, but there was some sort of effect for albumin and globulin. Particulary, alpa-globulin was increased by calcium, magnesium, sesame oil and perilla oil feeding groups. The esterified cholesterol was increased at the magnesium and perilla oil diet group. It is also, investigate that there is almost no effect for the electrolytes concentration and transport phenomena in the cell through magnesium, calcium, sesame oil and perilla oil diet groups.