The Buckling Analysis of Stiffened Plate with Hole(3rd Report) -compression and shear buckling-

보강(補剛)된 유공판(有孔板)의 좌굴강도해석(挫屈强度解析)(제3보)(第3報) -압축(壓縮) 및 전단좌굴(剪斷挫屈)

  • Published : 1985.03.01


Generally the stiffened plate in the ship structure is subjected to not only axial load but shear load. With respect to those combined loads buckling analysis in necessary. In this paper, buckling strength is analyzed by using Finite Element Method when the stiffened plate with hole is under loading conditions mentioned above. To obtain the higher buckling strength, we need some reinforcement. The methods of reinforcement are attaching doubler around hole and stiffeners in the arbitrary directions For the sake of convenience those arbitrary directions were selected paralleled($0^{\circ}C$), vertical($90^{\circ}C$)and oblique($45^{\circ}C$) to the edge. Two kinds of method mentioned above are investigated, it is clarified that which of the two is more effective reinforcement. From the viewpoint of buckling strength, following conclusions were obtained. When external load direction is unknown, doubler reinforcement is more effective than those of parallel and vertical stiffener. And oblique stiffener reinforcement is more effective than that of doubler when external load direction is know.