Theoretical Study on the Dynamic Response of a Moored Buoy with Minimum Vertical Wave-exciting Force in Irregular Waves

수직운동(垂直運動)이 최소(最小)인 부표(浮標)의 불규칙파(不規則波)중 계류상태(繫留狀態)에 대한 동력학적(動力學的) 해석(解析)

  • 최항순 (서울대학교 공과대학 조선공학과) ;
  • 김효철 (서울대학교 공과대학 조선공학과) ;
  • 성우제 (서울대학교 대학원)
  • Published : 1984.09.01


A body form, which experiences minimum vertical wave-exciting forces in the vicinity of a prescribed wave frequency in water of finite depth, is obtained by an approximate method. Its configuration has the symmetry with respect to the vertical axis, expressed in terms of exponential functions. By distributing three-dimensional pulsating sources and dipoles on the immersed surface of the body, a velocity potential is determined and subsequently hydrodynamic forces including the 2nd-order time-mean drift forces are calculated. The dynamic behavior of the body moored in irregular waves is investigated numerically by using central difference method. Hereby irregular wave trains are simulated with examining its repeatability by comparing the resulting spectrum with original one. Numerical results indicated that the body form obtained from the present analysis possesses in general a favorable hydrodynamic characteristics in comparison with a spherical buoy and that the maximum excursion of the body can be significantly reduced by setting pre-tension of an appropriate amount in the mooring cable.