Numerical Analysis of J-integral Value in the Rectangular Plate with a Crack

균열(龜裂)을 가진 사각평판(四角平板)의 수치해법(數値解法)에 의(依)한 J-적분치(積分値)

  • Published : 1984.06.01


A line integral is exhibited which has the same value for all paths surrounding the tip of crack in a two dimensional strain field of elastic-plasticc material. Finite element method was used to determine Rice's J-integral value in centrally cracked plate. These numerical J-integral values were compared with corresponding values of reference with low hardening and high yield strength. The J-integral value was also computed for a crack extension and different load condition. For increasing crack length the value of J-integral also increases, this means that the crack is unstable. To prove path independent, three paths were used in the analysis and proved.