Measurements on a Ship's Sloshing Flows by PIV

PIV에 의한 선박 슬로싱 유동 측정해석

  • Published : 2007.11.30


The sloshing flows in the cargo tank model of a ship are measured by PIV and are analyzed with the results. The measurement system is consisted of a Nd-Yag laser(120mJ, 15Hz). two cameras($1k\;{\times}\;1k$) and a host computer. Four experimental cases were tested for the tank model. in which swaying motions are made by 6 DOF-motion platform. The amplitudes of swaying are 9.76mm and 29.29mm, and the frequencies are 0.633Hz and 0.828Hz. The measurement regions are the vertical plane 50mm away from the front wall of the tank where a pump tower is installed. It was verified that the flow patterns of the sloshing are similar each other when the swaying amplitudes are similar.