Performance Tests of the Frozen Air Flows in a Refrigerator using PIV/POD Technique

PIV/POD 기법을 이용한 냉장고 냉기류 성능평가

  • Published : 2007.11.30


A new evaluation method for the performance tests of the frozen air in a refrigerator using PIV(Particle Imaging Velocimetry) and POD(Proper Orthogonal Decomposition) techniques is introduced. A two-door refrigerator model was tested for the experiments. Actual temperature measurements were carried out for the drawer No.4 in refrigerator. By evaluating the characteristics of the interior flow of the refrigerator, an optimal shape of the drawer could be suggested through the PIV evaluation test. In this research, in order to find influences the turbulent kinetic energy contribution associated with the dynamic structures, we executed a POD analysis using the method of snapshots and the instantaneous fluctuating velocity field.