A Study on the Advanced Policy Directions of the U-Echo City Implementation

U-Echo City 구축(構築)의 고도화(高度化) 정책방안(政策方案) 연구(硏究)

  • Published : 2007.06.02


The purpose of this study is to get a politic advanced idea to operate a pro-environment based u-city through the overcome problems on the construction policy for the even areal distribution, and the development for the model structure of the high level. Advanced pro-environmental ubiquitous urban construction becomes an example of the practical level linked by the national agenda as uKorea policy. The Idea of the national land informal ion systems transforms to enhance or to guide the national strategic industry to implement balanced development as grand objectives of the national land due to the factor that 'the economic development 5 years plan' altered to 'the national land 5 years plan'. Therefore, ubiquitous echo city construct ion becomes realized as static spatial informal ion construct ion and dynamic mobile based ubiquitous lives operable by the information infrastructure and IT839 policy items operation. For the synergy effects through this task, it requires a strong empowerment of the information industries and a new growing core engine of the national economy through the policy of the mutual satisfaction on the spat io-temporal information and the pro-environment information systems.