A Study on PTV analysis of AC Electroosmotic Flows in the Microchannel with Coplanar electrodes

마이크로 채널 내 교류 전기 삼투 유동에 대한 PTV해석

  • Published : 2006.12.01


AC-electroosmosis is one of the electrokinetic forces leading to phenomena peculiar in the microfluidics. This paper shows particle deformation in the microchannel with rectangular electrodes on the bottom wall for the AC-electroosmotic flows. We make a PDMS microchannnel with ITO electrodes To measure velocity distributions of the particles we used a three-dimensional particle tracking velocimetry (micro-PTV) technique this method is Particle tracking by interpolation the diffraction pattern ring diameter variations with the defocusing distances of base particle locations. we induce a function of frequency at the electrode. We find the velocity of particles is the most at the edge of the electrodes and Particles move to side wall or center of the channel for the bottom and middle.