Single Camera 3D-Particle Tracking Velocimetry-Measurements of the Inner Flows of a Water Droplet

단일카메라 3차원 입자영상추적유속계-액적내부 유동측정

  • Published : 2006.12.01


Single-Camera Stereoscopic Vision three-dimensional measurement system has been developed based upon 30-PTV algorithm. The system consists of one camera $(1k\times1k)$ and a host computer. To attain three-dimensional measurements a plate having stereo holes has been installed inside of the lens system. Three-dimensional measurements was successfully attained by adopting the conventional 30-PTV camera calibration methods. As applications of the constructed measurement system, a water droplet mixed with alcohol was constructed on a transparent plastic plate with the contacted fluid diameter 4mm, and the particles motions inside of the droplet have been investigated with the constructed measurement system. The measurement uncertainty of the constructed system was 0.04mm, 0.04mm and 0.09mm for X, Y and Z coordinates.