A Study on Restaurant Envirionment and Crowding in Foodservice Company

외식기업의 레스토랑 환경과 혼잡지각에 관한 연구

  • Yang, Tai-Seok (Dept. of Tourism and Hotel Culinary Art, Jeju College of Technology)
  • 양태석 (제주산업정보대학 관광호텔조리과)
  • Published : 2006.08.11


This study was conducted during a period from July 4 to 30 to investigate the effect of restaurant environment upon customer's satisfaction and crowdedness awareness. Total 800sets of questionnaire were distributed among major food service corporations. They were 16 restaurants from McDonald, Burger King, Popeyes, KFC, Rits Carlton, Intercontinental, The Westin Chosun, Hilton, Merriot, Outback Steak House, Bennigans, VIPS, Pizza Hut Pul-hyanggi(Scent of grass), Nolboo Co.,, and Our Story, and received 50 see each to hand out to their customers. Out of total 800 sets of questionnaires, 592 sets (74.25% were retrieved and underwent a Multiple Regression Analysis. We found the following results from the study. First among each variable of restaurant environment that had a significant effect on the crowding, 'pTast service' and 'responsiveness to customer complaints' sooted a regression coefficient value 0.381 and 0.325 respectively. Second, among each restaurant environment factor that had a significant effect on crowding, 'quality of facility' sooted the highest regression coefficient value 0.423 with a standard error score 0.1074, fellowed by 'status of waiting', 'overall ambience' and 'service quality' in ascending order. Third, in the analysis of the effect of each environmental factor upon the satisfaction rate, 'status of waiting' showed the highest regression coefficient value 0.3821 with a standard error score 0.4565, followed by 'cleanliness', 'service quality' and 'conveniency', in ascending order.