Distance between the Parallel Shield tunnel and Application

병렬 쉴드터널의 이격거리와 적용사례

  • Published : 2005.04.01


The construction of parallel tunnel by using the shield TBM method was increased recently. Accordingly the application and the propriety of the parallel shield TBM tunnels were studied through domestic and foreign construction cases herein. Also the behavior of tunnel structure and ground was evaluated by a numerical analysis with various ground conditions and the distance between the parallel tunnels. As a result, it was concluded that a deep investigation as well as a ground reinforcement was required with a ratio(L/D) of the distance between the parallel tunnels(L) to tunnel outer diameter(D) less than 0.5 because the Interference phenomenon was expected to occur. And the appropriateness of the application method of parallel shield TBM tunnel was validated through the 2-dimensional numerical analysis simulated the process of excavation after the ground reinforcement in the starting area of the OOO construction site with the ratio(L/D) of 0.35.