A Study on Design Method of Underground Space based on MPAM Theory

MPAM 이론에 의한 지하공간의 설계방법 연구

  • Published : 2005.04.01


Rock masses represent natural systems that are inherently complex and in which multiple mechanisms occur. Rock engineering systems such as tunnel and slope interact with surrounding systems through an exchange of both mass and energy. Accordingly the complex nature of rock masses calls for a system approach, and the open nature of rock engineering even requires the engineering to be controlled by a system approach for surrounding environments. However, traditional methods cannot take all variables and their interactions into account and are limited to the system with single mechanisms. Therefore, they are not proper for a complex and open system, and also cannot portray the whole system. Thus, a system approach is indispensable to rock engineering for dealing with the whole of a complex and open system. In this paper Mechanism Path Analysis Methodology (MPAM) Is Introduced for a system approach to rock engineering. The analysis by the methodology gives us all the information of systems behavior in the context of the whole system in order to accomplish the optimum design in accordance with the project objectives and analysis purposes. As an application a conventional model for the evaluation of TBM tunneling performance system is analyzed by MPAM and the result is compared with that by a traditional method.