Characteristics of Particle Laden Flows in Circular Microchannels

원형 마이크로채널 내의 입자가 부유된 유동의 특성

  • Published : 2005.12.01


Experimental study has been conducted to evaluate characteristics of particle laden flows at the ratio of channel diameter to particle diameter (B = 14.9, 21.6 and 55). Particle velocities and radial concentrations are obtained using a microscope Nd:YAG laser and cooled CCD camera. Results show that there are relative velocities between the fluid and the particles at B = 14.9. It is also observed that the particles are accumulated at r=$0.5\∼0.82R$, with R being tile tube radius, and particle migration occurs at small Reynolds number, by comparing with the results obtained in macro scale. This gives optimal factors for designing microfluidic channels for cell or Particle separation, particle focusing, and so on.