Highly Efficient PIV Measurement of Complex Flows Using Refractive Index Matching Technique

  • NISHINO Koichi (Dept. Mechanical Engineering, Yokohama National Univ.) ;
  • KAWAGUCHI Daisuke (Dept. Mechanical Engineering, Yokohama National Univ.) ;
  • KOSUGI Takashi (Renaissance of Technology Co. Hamamatsu, Japan) ;
  • ISODA Haruo (Dept. Radiology, Hamamatsu Univ. School of Medicine, Hamamatsu, Japan)
  • Published : 2004.12.01


various applications is presented. It is based on rapid-prototyping of transparent model for flow visualization and on the use of refractive index matching that enables efficient and clear visualization of the flow inside the model. The model is immersed in the index-matching fluid in a glass tank so that any displacement and rotation of the model in the tank have no influence on the optical setup for image acquisition to be made through a glass wall. This can facilitate greatly the camera calibration for stereo PIV and 3-D PTV. As the flow model is generated directly from 3-D surface data, no laborious preparation of the flow model is needed. This approach for seamless linking of model generation and PIV measurement is applicable to various flow measurements in automobile, ship building, fluid machinery, turbine, electrical appliances, heat exchanger, electronic cooling, bio-engineering and so on.