Syntheses Bis or Tri Crown Ethers Containing Imine Group(V)

이민기를 포함하는 비스 또는 트리 크라운에테르의 합성 (V)


We report herein synthetic results obtained six new types of bis-benzocrown ethers containing imine group. Bis crown ethers l~3 are aminobenzo-15-crown-5-ether linked with terephthalaldehyde, isophthalaldehyde, phthaldehyde respectively by imine reaction. Bis crown ethers l~3 are different distances in each crown ether rings. Bis crown ether 4 has large cavity in crown ethers. Functionalized crown ether 5 is synthesized amonobenzo-l5-crown-5-ether and terephthaladehyde same ratio at one to one. Bis crown ether 6 has phothosensitive linkage between crown ethers. Bis crown ether 7 is prepared by amonobenzo-l5-crown-5-ether and triethyl ortho formate. 4'-Nitrobenzo-crown ethers and 3',4'-dinitrobenzo-crown ethers were prepared by nitration of benzo crown ethers, obtained from the reaction of catechol and oligoethylene glycol ditosylate. Crown ethers containing aldehyde group were synthesized from the reaction of 3,4-dihydroxybenzaldehyde and corresponding ditosylate respectively. The synthesized crown ethers were characterized respectively by IR, NMR. GC-Mass.