Simultaneous measurement of size and velocity of micro-bubbles in an opaque tube using X-ray micro-imaging technique

X-ray 미세 영상기법을 이용한 불투명 튜브 내부 미세기포의 크기 및 속도 동시 측정

  • 김석 (포항공과대학교, 기계공학과 대학원) ;
  • 이상준 (포항공과대학교, 기계공학과)
  • Published : 2003.11.01


The x-ray micro-imaging technique was employed to measure the size and velocity of micro-bubbles moving in an opaque tube simultaneously. Phase contrast images were obtained at interfaces of micro-bubbles between water and air due to different refractive index. Micro-bubbles of $20\~120{\mu}m$ diameter moving upward in an opaque tube $(\phi=2.7mm)$ were tested. For two different working fluids of tap water and DI water, the measured velocity of micro-bubbles is roughly proportional to the square of bubble size.