Speed Control of BLDC Motor Drive Using an Adaptive Fuzzy P+ID Controller

적응 퍼지 P+ID 제어기를 이용한 BLDC 전동기의 속도제어

  • Published : 2002.07.10


An adaptive fuzzy P + ID controller for variable speed operation of BLDC motor drives is presented in this paper. Generally, a conventional PID controller is most widely used in industry due to its simple control structure and ease of design. However, the PID controller suffers from the electrical machine parameter variations and disturbances. To improve the tracking performance for parameter and load variations, the controller proposed in this paper is constructed by using an adaptive fuzzy logic controller in place of the proportional term in a conventional PID controller. For implementing this controller, only one additional parameter has to be adjusted in comparison with the PID controller. An adaptive fuzzy controller applied to proportional term to achieve robustness against parameter variations has simple structure and computational simplicity. The controller based on optimal fuzzy logic controller has an self-tuning characteristics with clustering. Computer simulation results show the usefulness of the proposed controller.