A Study on Shelf-life Management Program of Long-term Storage One-shot System

장기 저장되는 일회성 시스템의 수명 관리 프로그램에 대한 연구

  • 박동인 ((주)한화 종합연구소 ILS센터) ;
  • 심행근 ((주)한화 종합연구소 ILS센터)


This paper presents an analysis of the shelf-life management program of the long-term storage one-shot system. The one-shot system is mainly maintained with long-term storage or non-operating status and is operated once at execution of the mission. The function corresponding to one-shot is mainly operated through a shelf-life item such as an explosive. The performance and characteristics of shelf-life item are subject to change as the storage period passes. Therefore, shelf-life management for maintaining good condition is very important during long-term storage, and criteria for management is necessary. We present a method for optimizing shelf-life extension by comparing criteria for management with current reliability. Next, the shelf-life evaluation schedule was decided by utilizing the reliability function of exponential distribution and Weibull distribution. Continuously accumulated test data from the shelf-life evaluation were analyzed, and the parameter of distribution was updated. The extension or expiration of shelf-life was selected by monitoring changes in reliability. In addition, we confirmed the applicability of the presented shelf-life management program by applying ASRP test data of the one-shot system K000 fuse.