Three-dimensional Face Recognition based on Feature Points Compression and Expansion

Yoon, Andy Kyung-yong;Park, Ki-cheul;Park, Sang-min;Oh, Duck-kyo;Cho, Hye-young;Jang, Jung-hyuk;Son, Byounghee

  • Received : 2019.06.19
  • Accepted : 2019.06.24
  • Published : 2019.06.30


Many researchers have attempted to recognize three-dimensional faces using feature points extracted from two-dimensional facial photographs. However, due to the limit of flat photographs, it is very difficult to recognize faces rotated more than 15 degrees from original feature points extracted from the photographs. As such, it is difficult to create an algorithm to recognize faces in multiple angles. In this paper, it is proposed a new algorithm to recognize three-dimensional face recognition based on feature points extracted from a flat photograph. This method divides into six feature point vector zones on the face. Then, the vector value is compressed and expanded according to the rotation angle of the face to recognize the feature points of the face in a three-dimensional form. For this purpose, the average of the compressibility and the expansion rate of the face data of 100 persons by angle and face zone were obtained, and the face angle was estimated by calculating the distance between the middle of the forehead and the tail of the eye. As a result, very improved recognition performance was obtained at 30 degrees of rotated face angle.


face recognition;face detection;feature vector;vector compression and expansion;3D face generation;3D face recognition