The life and scholastic career of a New Math campaigner, Zoltan P. Dienes

새수학 운동가 Zoltan P. Dienes의 생애 및 연구 업적

  • Kim, Soo-Mi (Department of mathematics education, Gyeongin National University of Education)
  • 김수미 (경인교육대학교 수학교육과)
  • Published : 2009.08.31


Zoltan, P. Dienes is a famous researcher and practitioner who has tried to teach mathematical structures to children for about 50 years. Even though his ideas of teaching mathematics and materials including MAB have been well known in Korea, they are only a part of his achievement he has developed for his whole life. So this article is designed for taking an overview of his whole life and achievement and getting some implications for today's mathematics education. In this article, his life story could be divided by five periods in terms of a scholastic career and his research achievement could be reorganized with respect to five theses: psychology of learning mathematics, mathematical curriculum, teacher education, games and material for mathematical learning. As a result, it is found that there is a deep connection between his personal life and his scholastic career.


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