Historical investigation in the concept of function as integrated concept

통합개념으로서 함수 개념에 대한 역사적 고찰

  • Kang, Hyun-Young (Lecture of Department of Mathematics education, Hongik University)
  • Published : 2007.11.30


The concept of Function is not just a single concept but an integrated concept that includes various mathematic topics such as arithmetics, geometry and so on. Therefore, the concept of function is the basic principal underlying mathematics. Moreover, we should think of function as conceptual expedient for understanding the phenomena in the variously changing real world. Therefore in this article, I would like to consider the concept of an integrated function through historical investigation. Especially, from the middle ages to the 19th century, representation which related to the function has been evolved, and therefore, I will consider function as an integrated concept through changing the concept of function.