Didactical Meaning of using History of mathematics in Teaching and Learning Mathematics

수학과 교수-학습에서 수학사 활용에 교육적 함의: 수월성 교육을 중심으로 한 미적분 지도의 예

  • 한경혜 (인하대학교 수학교육과)
  • Published : 2006.11.30


In this article, the theoretical basis of applying mathematical his tory in lessons is inquired in various educational aspects. It also covers the psychological genetic principle, mainly concerning the childish development and states that it has to be compatible with the historico-genetic principle, which is suggested mainly concerning the development of data. In addition, it evolves the arguments about the meaning of mathematical history in math lessons based on the mentioned aspects besides that in ordinary math lessons. Next, the link between the apply of mathematical history and education for gifted children is examined. Last, cases of mathematic history applied to mathematic education is suggested mainly concerning the understanding of differential concepts.