Historical and Social Environments and the Structure of The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art

역사(歷史) 사회(社會) 환경(環境)과 구장산술(九章算術의) 구조(構造)

  • Published : 2006.11.30


The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art has dominated the history of Chinese mathematics. It served as a textbook not only in China but also in the neighbouring countries and regions. The book is anonymous like many Chinese classics. The Nine Chapters contains 246 problems and their solutions, some of which date back to before the Qin Dynasty $(221\sim207\;B.C)$ and it seems to have been written by various writers over many generations. In this paper, we will investigate the structure of the Nine Chapters from the view points of ancient social environments which entail eventually mathematics in the Nine Chapters.